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Scrambles is a twist on a jigsaw puzzle and a great brain workout. The beauty of this game is that you can use any photo. It is simple to play and you will love how easy it is to change out content. Scrambles features a "Behind the Scenes" section where you can write custom text about the picture. Use Scrambles to showcase what kind of experience your brand offers.

Find the Difference

Find the Difference is an addictive and highly effective way to direct your customers' attention. Players locate changes in photos and race the clock in this multilevel test of attention and focus. We can make puzzles with three, five, or seven differences. Find the Difference features a "Behind the Scenes" section where you can write custom text about the picture.

Memory Match

Memory Match is our most popular game. Players flip cards, match photos, and race the clock in this challenging game. Memory Match is perfect for pictures of destinations and attractions of any kind.

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

In this game, players look at a set of nine photographs. All of the photos are the same except for one. Sounds simple, but it can get tough! Create a puzzle set featuring photos of landmarks, features of a hotel, or pictures of last year's marathon.

Find It!

Find It! is a scavenger hunt game and a great way to get customers to focus on your product. Players hunt through photographs looking for hidden objects. Promote a hotel by using pictures of different rooms or promote upcoming events like museum exhibits or parades.


Categories is a sorting and organizing game that allows you to feature 60+ photos at once. Players choose a category and then drag photos into that category. Use Categories to highlight what is special about your brand.

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